Global problems, local actions: Cool Streets Pilot Project awarded with a National Award of Excellence

The 2017 Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) National Landscape Awards were held last Friday night at The Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney. Gallagher Studio is very proud to have received an Award of Excellence for our Cool Streets© Pilot Project, in the Community Contribution category. It was a fantastic night of celebration and we warmly congratulate all the nominees and award winners. 

Foreground published a review of the National Landscape Awards, writing; 

“It’s hard to sum up a year’s work in a single comment, but it’s really the work of the landscape architect to promote liveability and to get people out in the landscape interacting with one another,” says [Linda] Corkery. “When you look across the categories, across all 81 projects, the large majority of them spoke to public space, active community engagement, and getting people out into nature – especially in dense urban areas."

To read more and view the full list of award recipients, go here

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