The Cool Streets Method©


How does it work?

The Cool Streets Method© combines information modelling using the Cool Streets Model© in tandem with a collaborative decision-making process. 


Not all street trees or layouts have the same environmental benefits

Increasing the trees on a street can reduce the CO2 in the air, and can also reduce household energy bills.

The Cools Streets Model© , developed by Gallagher Studio, is software that models streetscape components to determine the best environmental outcomes. These components can include various types of trees, layouts of plantings as well as streetscape elements such as pavements and kerbs. The modelling can be applied to new and existing streets. Once various layouts for a street are tested, street retrofit options can be ranked to determine the most effective layout to reduce CO2 emissions and maximise shading.  Data from the Cool Streets Model©  is used to start a conversation with residents and other interested parties. Participants can share information, understand each other’s preferences and shape an appropriate design for their street. Residents approve the final design for their street and feel a sense of ownership to look after the trees as they grow.